HighPots is looking for the best talents

And the former best talents who have already made the most of themselves.

We are growing, which means we are constantly on the lookout for new colleagues who are very capable, who want to make a difference – and who can expect a lot from us.

Important information for applicants

The job overview shows you all the positions available at HighPots GmbH, including those at our international subsidiaries.
You can easily and quickly find the position that best suits you. If you like our job description, please send us your application. Even if we do not have a subsidiary at your place of residence. For some roles, we offer location-independent working.

Applying is a serious matter – for both parties

Our employees are the most important resource. We take every application very seriously. We regard every application as important. We take sufficient time for each application. Take your time for your application as well.

The job descriptions include a link to our online application form. Please fill out this form, add your own letter of interest, and attach a complete set of your application documents.

Our online form will streamline the process for you, and for us too. We therefore request that you apply directly via our online portal.
But you can also send your application via email ( or via the postal service. Please include all of your documents and send the application to the following address:


HighPots GmbH
Boesch 80A
6331 Huenenberg
Canton of Zug


We always evaluate applications on a trans-divisional basis for a variety of positions. If you are applying specifically for more than one position, please fill out only one application form and use your cover letter to inform us of your interest in the additional position(s).

We will confirm the receipt of your application documents from our online portal by sending you an email. Your application will be evaluated as quickly as possible by our HR specialists and the relevant specialized department.

If your application impresses us, we will contact you to arrange an interview by phone. This conversation will last about half an hour: we will want to find out more about your reasons for applying, and also give you the opportunity to ask questions. If both you and we view this phone interview positively, we will invite you to an on-site Assessement Center and/or an interview that takes about two hours. That will be led by a colleague from the HR department and one from the relevant specialized department.

If we are further impressed by your technical and interpersonal skills in this interview, we will invite you to a second interview. This one usually includes the person who would be your immediate supervisor. We will then decide whether to offer you a position at HighPots, and inform you promptly.

If you wanna know mory about HighPots, use this link: HighPots – who we are

How should your application be, what should your application say?

We are looking for individuals with certain sets of qualities. The employees of HighPots are known for creativity, determination, the ability to put theory into practice, and a down-to-earth quality. They are passionate about their jobs.

Show us passion, ability and energy.

Use your application to show us your very individual profile.
We attach considerable importance to the letter that describes your motivation for applying to work at HighPots. Your application should also include a résumé, copies of transcripts (high school, intermediate degree or exam, degree, doctoral degree), and any references from internships or previous employment.

The letter

Use this to explain us why you are applying for the position. It’s important for us to see that you have already looked closely at our company and the position available. Make your letter stand out from the crowd, and use your own words instead of the terms in the job advertisement.

The curriculum vitae

Please make sure your résumé is clear and structured. Do not leave any gaps in your history or the information you provide, and also mention your dedication to extracurricular activities.

The first interview via phone

If your application has made a positive impression on us, we will invite you to a first short telephone call. The phone call takes between 15 and 30 minutes.
We would like to know why you applied to HighPots. We also want to give you the opportunity to ask questions. Your interviewer will be an employee from our personnel department. If this impression is also positive, we will invite you to an assessment center.

The Assessement Center

The assessment center depends on the position at HighPots.
In general it consists of the following modules:

  • Culture independent intelligence test (crystalline intelligence, fluid intelligence)
  • concentration test
  • language test
  • Case Study
  • Final conversation

The Assessement Center takes about 2 to 2.5 hours.

Short note on the case study
Many applicants are often insecure because of the case study. There is no reason for this. In the case study you only show how you would structure extensive information.
Die Case Study can come from an unfamiliar field. You will receive a written task description, and have about 15 minutes to draft a response. You will then present your results on a flip chart. What matters here is a structured approach and evident enthusiasm for the work of a consultant. Because in addition to your specialized qualifications, we place a high priority on your personality.


If your test results were good, you will receive a contract of employment from us. Often the conditions are also determined during a joint interview. The contract is then signed together.

Questions about a job offer

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Requests from interested candidates are always welcome.

Simplified application process for students

HighPots are also interested in working together with students.
Please send us you application via our online portal.

If we are impressed by your application from our online portal, we will invite you to an on-site or phone interview. In this talk we will want to get to know you better as an individual and to gain an impression of your specialized skills. We will make our decision shortly thereafter – applicants generally hear from us within two weeks of the interview.