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Individual Software & Interface Development

The software development at HighPots consists of approx. 50% in-house individual software development for own products as well as 50% contract development for customers. We deliver software and interfaces which are exactly adapted to your needs. Marketing lives on information. Information about consumers, competitors, the overall market or the current marketing budget in real time. Speed losses due to ineffective code, inappropriate programming languages, slow frameworks and APIs can quickly put companies at a competitive disadvantage.
We develop web-based software for you in Microsoft infrastructures as well as in open source environments. Both in Java, C#, PHP or Python. Software development usually takes place in our branch offices, but our software developers are also happy to visit you.

Software Development in Content Management Systems (CMS):

CMS development

  • Drupal Development
  • WordPress Development
  • Typo3 Development
  • Template Development
  • general web development Frankfurt and web development Stuttgart

Mobile Development for Windows 10, iOS and Android

  • App development Frankfurt for iOS and Android
  • App development Stuttgart for Windows and web app development also for iOS and Android

Game development

  • Game Development for Online Games / Browser Games – Online Games Development
  • Games as app-development for all mobile devices
  • Serious Game Development / learning games or marketing games with brand-building learning effects
  • General Game Development

Individual Software

  • Interfaces between consumers and production facilities for customer individualization (marketing) and customer transparency (e.g. production progress of ordered goods)
  • Control software
  • Marketing software for enhanced customer experience or for different forecasts (individual software for Big Data Analytics)

Software development for data analytics in CMS

  • web development in general
  • CMS-Development WordPress Development
  • Data Analytics
  • Games Development
Individual Software Web Frankfurt

There are no reasons to invest in freelancer portals to cover bottlenecks in your software development departments. The eternal same searches for the compensation of your software engineers, for example “search for WordPress Development…, search Java Developers… or “Software Development” cost time, nerves and money. We could use the time of your advertisements together to start with the implementation of your software development project.

Why is good software important? Example dynamic pricing

Dynamic pricing requires a great deal of data and information available in various formats. For example, about comparable competitive products and their prices, about insights into the consumption charisma and consumer behavior of customers, about own product utilization and internal product calculations or about the current costs per product and target group oriented marketing campaigns as well as about real-time information regarding environmental influences.


Successful are those companies that can quickly analyze and correlate this data from different data pools.


But not all information from the above-mentioned areas always has the same static relevance. Companies that combine intelligent self-learning threshold functions with the information are effective.


Reliable information, mass data processing, complex algorithms, stochastic procedures and real-time information processing become systematic success factors for your company. Effective differentiation from your competition can only be achieved if this orchestra of systems functions in a consistent and reproducible manner.


Effective and modern software on modern proven platforms lead to lasting success. HighPots is known among its enterprise customers for its efficiency and high scaling in software development and software engineering. Precise target achievement, high success rates, measurable results and transparency in software development make our customers successful.


You can commission the complete development process from requirements management to deployment as well as individual modules from it.

Software Development Frankfurt
Wordpress Development

Modules of our software development services for you

Requirements Management and Requirements Engineering

The experts from Requirements Management and Requirement Engineering ensure that your project is fully understood. They describe your project in exact words. You identify and define software interfaces and provide exact technical descriptions for the software developers, e.g. in UML. When selecting tools, e.g. Enterprise Architect, we will gladly adapt to your wishes.

Hardware and Virtualization

Our IT hardware experts and virtualization specialists will recommend the optimal server equipment to you.

In the hardware area, open stack, grid computing, server clusters, classic servers or cloud computing are examined. The hardware consulting also includes the components. We support you with our experience. We know the compatible components of the different manufacturers.


Not only the performance per square meter is taken into account, but especially the computing power per watt (power consumption of the hardware).


The performance capabilities of the various server virtualization solutions with HyperV or VMware, Citrix farms or application virtualization with Docker are essential. We adapt to your licensing policy and advise on configuration issues.

Software architecture

The HighPots software engineers and software architects design the optimal framework for your project. This includes the design of the backend and the middleware as well as the selection of programming languages and frameworks suitable for the project.

Software Development and Interface Development

We not only develop web-based individual software for you, but also software interfaces. In addition, database development, database designs and database modelling are part of our expertise.


Software interface development includes REST interfaces for connecting web services as well as SOAP, WSDL or RPC.


We connect your CRM systems with web tracking systems or content management systems as well as with midoffice or ERP systems. We can look back on many years of experience in various systems; CAS CRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, WordPress-, Drupal- and Typo3-CMS or eTracker are only a small excerpt from our project history.

game development in wordpress
search app developer

Mobile Development for Smartphones, Tablets and Wearables

Our own products are both web-based and standalone apps. These are implemented on Apple devices, Android smartphones and Windows phones. In the last 4 years we have developed numerous different apps for iPhones, Samsung Galaxy and Lumia Phones. Benefit from our experience in SWIFT, Objective-C, C# or Java for the app development of different end devices.

Software testing, test automation, and more

HighPots customers receive error-free and complete software.

The test execution in software development includes the entire test process and complete software test phases in the V-model.


Test planning, test preparation and test specification are carried out by our ISTQB-certified software testers right at the start of a software development project. The test execution required for the software acceptance, the test evaluation and the test completion complete the test process.


For extensive software projects we rely on test automation and standardization according to ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119 and ISO/IEC 25000.


The entire test cycle, including module and unit tests, can be integrated into your process world. For example in ITIL, SPICE or CMMI reference models, CMMI-DEV, CMMI-ACQ or CMMI-SVC.