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Customer Experience and Customer Experience Management

Customer Experience Consulting for your company

Turn your customers into enthusiastic brand ambassadors.

We support you in generating positive customer experiences. During the customer journey as well as during retargeting and aftersales. Multichannel Customer Experience Management (CEM) in digital marketing as well as in offline marketing.

In the area of Customer Experience Management HighPots offers consulting services as well as CEM-Software. The Customer Experience Management Software and the HighPots Customer Experience Consulting contain all common marketing channels and internal sales and marketing systems of your company – Consulting for Multichannel Customer Experience.

In this way, we ensure holistic transparency in the customer experience. At all customer experience touchpoints. When selling products within the Customer Journey. After sales in customer service and complaint management.

Taking into account low costs per touchpoint in customer experience management.

Customer Experience Management Consulting
Customer Experience Management Software

Customer Experience Strategy in the context of Customer Experience Consulting

Set yourself apart from the competition. Together with our data analysts, our consumer psychologists and social scientists have developed a suitable customer experience strategy. Within a Customer Experience Consulting all important points of perception of your customers and prospective customers are considered. Through our CEM consulting and our CEM tools, we increase your sales figures and ensure a rapid ROI of the initial Customer Experience Consulting costs.

These approaches create an optimal balance between your customers’ expectations and your company’s satisfaction of their needs.

We are happy to pass on to you the criteria for overfulfilment or underfulfilment of needs, depending on the different target groups.

Customer loyalty in the form of company or brand loyalty requires a relationship of trust.

The unique and award-winning Trust Building Concept from HighPots is groundbreaking. It is a successful building block in confidence building and confidence measurement.

We build up and expand the relationship of trust with your customers in your name. We focus on fulfilling the three most important expectations of our customers with regard to your products and services.

Plan customer experience strategy, individualize and personalize customers and improve cuctomer experience

Customer confidence paired with the ability to address target groups at the time the need arises generates between 8% and 14% more sales in the first 8 to 12 months (depending on the industry).

In addition, your company is freed from the price war. Not only in campaign management and in increasing your sales figures. But also in customer care and customer service in aftersales.

Understand customers better

Our good understanding of the customer perspective, consumer psychological and sociological knowledge in combination with exact data analysis and intelligent software make your marketing intelligent.

Accurate information about customers. Their consumer behavior, character traits and needs in real time. Including conversion forecasts and integrated marketing controlling. Customer Experience Management – Consulting or cloud based CEM software. As a cloud application on your servers or in the HighPots data center.

Omnichannel Customer Experience