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Customer Journey & Customer Journey Management

High yield marketing channel-spreading contact possibilities of the prospective customers to you.

We make it easier for your prospective customers to contact your company. At any time. Omnichannel.

Customer Journey Touchpoints

Through new touchpoints and touchpoint optimizations on existing channels.

By connecting new touchpoints to new marketing channels, for example the HighPots Sales Service Desk, the Business Gamification Click-Rally or the Contact-Widget CallMe.

Based on Realtime Customer Journey Mapping with Customer Journey Tools from HighPots, for example our socialCRM “s4CRM”, which acts as a complementary tool to conventional CRM systems. It also implements the Social Media Customer Journey and thus also the Customer Journey Facebook as well as other Customer Journey Touchpoints and the Omnichannel Customer Journey.

In addition, we support you with intelligent visualization of user knowledge at every customer contact point – across all channels.

Adapted to your products. Cost-optimized customer journey with dynamic pricing.

We measure the conversion probability of each interested party within the customer journey.

We inform you in real time how much you can invest per prospective customer and per channel.

If the marketing and sales effort for certain prospects becomes too high, we automatically shift the prospect to a more cost-effective channel.

We do not only integrate direct interaction points with your customers, – advertisements, ads, website, chats, sales service desks, telephone, face-to-face, email, mail or social platforms. But also indirect touchpoints such as rating procedures, blogs, communities or user forums.

The knowledge that generations and target groups are becoming more important for impulse buying behaviour than needs-oriented buying behaviour plays a major role here.

Our customer journey services cover all phases of the customer journey. Inspiration, favouring, desire, concrete purchase intention and product purchase or conversion – multichannel.

We have expanded the classic AIDA model to include the new marketing digitization options (AIDA = Attention, Interest, Desire, Action).

Offline sales channels are also part of our proactive customer journey solutions.

Omnichannel Customer Journey
Customer Journey Facebook

Customer Journey Mapping (CJM)

The HighPots Journey Map shows the gaps in digital customer care compared to real personal customer advice in a specialist shop. We look at your sales processes from the customer’s point of view and from the perspective of your prospective customers.


We recommend procedures and develop solutions to close the gaps in your customer journey. The registration, monitoring, description and tracking of customer experiences during the use of your services are in the foreground. These are the important elements from which customer satisfaction evolves.


The HighPots Customer Journey Mapping solution contains all process steps and procedures between your prospects and your company. All channels and touchpoints are illuminated. All findings of the user experience are determined. Objective, subjective as well as quantitative and qualitative user experiences within the Customer Journey.

In the course of this, we make each individual process step transparent and measurable.


The HighPots Journey Map enables you to adapt your product and service portfolio to customer needs. You can also increase customer satisfaction and thus customer loyalty.

Customer Journey Analysis

The constant perfection of the contact points (touchpoints) of your customers is the goal of the Customer Journey Analysis. In addition to the exact profiling of your customers and prospects via fingerprinting, web analytics with clickstream analyses and social media monitoring, other methods are used.

For example cross domain tracking, cross channel tracking or cross device tracking.


Furthermore, the identification of multi-screen users becomes possible.


The touchpoint analysis of your multichannel marketing and the improvement of contact points is part of the HighPots Customer Journey Analysis.

Customer Journey Tools
Touchpoints customer journey management

Customer Journey Management

All marketing channels and all touchpoints at a glance. The increase in marketing channels depending on target groups requires effective management. Omnichannel management within the customer journey is a challenging topic.

We identify and visualize user actions at each customer contact point and each of your marketing channels. This increases transparency within your customer journey.

New behaviour patterns of users and target groups are recognized on different marketing channels depending on touchpoints. We help you to identify profitable touchpoints on successful marketing channels.

Our Customer Journey Management Services standard is the permanent performance of success controls of user behaviour within the Customer Journey.

The numerous channels and customer contact points generate large amounts of data. We are at your disposal for the evaluation and abstraction of user data at the touchpoints.

Our digital marketing experts develop strategies, procedures and processes for successful customer journey management. We are happy to build software-based interfaces and marketing dashboards for an intelligent integration and visualization of your digital channels with each other as well as with your offline marketing channels.

In addition to consulting, we also offer customer journey management software.

The Customer Journey Management Software from HighPots offers you numerous possibilities. Add, edit and delete marketing channels and touchpoints. Real-time marketing controlling, integrated campaign management and the evaluation of user actions.

The target group mapper of HighPots identifies every single interested party or customer at your touchpoints on the basis of the customer data traces. The target group mapper assigns the prospective customers and customers dynamically as well as automatically to different target groups.

As a marketing service provider, we support you with marketing consulting services.

Our goal is the precise identification, visualisation, marketing controlling and the constant improvement of user behaviour on your offline and online marketing channels.

Our Customer Journey Management brings you transparency and increased sales.