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HighPots Marketingconsulting – Partner for Digital Transformation in Marketing and Digital Marketing Consulting

We open new views, question established ways of thinking and obtain lasting advantages for your enterprise. Our Marketing Consulting is divided into Online Marketing Consulting, Digital Marketing Consulting and Omnichannel Marketing Consulting. Our Multichannel Marketing includes the merger of Offline Channels with Online Channels. We are not only a marketing agency but a marketing company with our own extensive marketing products, big data analysts, SW developers, designers, user experience specialists, online marketing experts as well as offline marketing experts and consumer psychologists. We offer marketing support for your company.

Our marketing consulting starts with strategic marketing. It also implements the simulation of decision situations through marketing-relevant game theories. The marketing consulting reaches deep into operative marketing.

We focus on holistic Customer Experience Management (CEM). Our many years of experience in CEM include both the customer journey and the support of your customers after the product purchase. On online channels and offline channels.

One of our main focuses is on building trust between your company and your end customers. With our brand trust metric system and our marketing benchmarking, we can measure the trust in your customers and prospects. The customer confidence measurement can be used to identify prospective customers who have not yet made a purchase decision due to a lack of confidence. In addition, we can recommend confidence-building real-time measures that convert these prospects into your customers.

Our Digital Marketing Consultants work with our own Online Marketing Tools and retargeting tools. This also includes our social media monitoring. However, we are also open to all other online sales tools from third parties. Our marketing experience includes all common marketing tools. From online analyses and online campaigns to marketing controlling.

We know that not only digital marketing is important. Offline channels in points of sale and at offline points of sale (POS) are success factor no. 1 in some industries. Our experience in multicanalvertrieb proves this.

Special procedure models in the area of remarketing and remarketing for target groups with weak purchasing power are part of our marketing portfolio.

Digitale Transformation Marketing
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Operative Marketing

HighPots, as Marketing Consulting Firm, offers the following operative marketing services around the Customer Experience:

  • a) Development of profitable customer journeys by generating and optimizing valuable touchpoints to your prospects and customers
  • Lead generation through creative and innovative incentives
    • Email marketing
    • Collect email addresses
    • check e-mail addresses
    • Assign email addresses to target groups
    • Create newsletter content
  • Search Engine Marketing
    • Search engine optimization (SEO)
    • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
    • Search Engine Advertising (SEA)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Business Gamification
  • Display Marketing
    • Advertising banner
    • Trust-Building
  • Programmatic Marketing
    • Programmatic Advertising
    • Real Time Bidding
  • Wearables Marketing and Advertising
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Competition-excluding marketing partnerships and cooperations
    • Cookie-Sharing
    • Fingerprint-Sharing
    • Consumer Profile Sharing

b) Trust-Building to interested parties and customers

        • Confidence building
        • Trust measurement
        • Determination of the confidence level for the offer dispatch (the higher the confidence level, the higher the opening rate, CTR and conversion rate)

      Determination of the confidence level for the offer dispatch (the higher the confidence level, the higher the opening rate, CTR and conversion rate)

Determination of the confidence level for the offer dispatch (the higher the confidence level, the higher the opening rate, CTR and conversion rate)

Determination of the confidence level for the offer dispatch (the higher the opening rate, CTR and conversion rate)

c) After-Sales-Management

The concrete implementation of Omnichannel sales is the daily business of our marketing consultants. We connect Marketing Data Analytics with your sales platforms. We integrate marketing instruments and marketing tools with the marketing channels.

Social media monitoring, web tracking, app tracking, CRM and campaign management systems are linked together. Closely linked to real-time marketing controlling and your booking and merchandise management systems. Thus you constantly increase your conversion rates and the reputation of your company on the market.

Marketing Process Management and Marketing Requirements Management as an interface between operational and strategic marketing

Requirement Engineering brings your goals defined in the marketing plan into tangible milestones. These milestones can then be processed by your project management.


Our requirement engineers take care of the implementation of your marketing goals. The goals resulting from the marketing strategy are implemented within the framework of effective requirement management.


The HighPots-Consultants in Requirements Management are responsible for the common understanding of your marketing goals and the approach to achieving them.

Marketing Outsourcing
Marketing company Marketing strategy

Strategic Marketing

The implementation of the marketing strategy into the corporate strategy is part of our marketing services. Strategic marketing is integrated holistically into strategic management. This implements the development, planning and implementation of marketing goals.


The marketing strategy development includes the following points:

  • Marketing Forecast
  • Competition
  • Marketing breadth – products, markets, competencies
  • Portfolio
  • growth
  • Synergies and partnerships
  • Development – product, market, innovation
  • Marketing systems – internal/external, marketing channels, incentive systems, marketing instruments, marketing IT, marketing reports
  • Organization and interfaces

The most important interfaces of marketing management to other value-adding specialist departments – sales, product management and innovation management – are given special attention in the development of marketing strategies.


In the age of digitalization, the challenges to strategic marketing are high. Due to the dynamic, rapid market developments and the associated business model developments, marketing strategies must be flexibly designed.


HighPots supports you with integrated consulting in marketing. Your products and services will be harmonized. Our consultants dovetail your operative marketing with your strategic marketing. The cost-effective and resource-saving implementation of your marketing strategy is our goal.


We ensure savings through transparent, tailor-made requirements and process management. Through our operative marketing measures we increase your sales success.