Omnichannel Marketing

Omnichannel Consulting and Multichannel-Consulting

Omnichannel marketing ensures sustained sales growth and reduced support requests. Through Omnichannel Management, we identify each Omnichannel Touchpoint and show you how much money each channel costs and how much you sell on each channel. Within our Omnichannel Consulting, we optimize your Omnichannel marketing so that you can use relevant channels cost-effectively and adapt your Omnichannel management to inefficient channels.

Customers and prospects are often connected to your business through multiple channels. We can help you manage these channels through intelligent omnichannel marketing. We show you which channels can additionally increase your turnover.

HighPots offers you solutions for the effective use of the different marketing channels for your prospective customers and customers. This includes a holistic customer experience. A deep understanding of the customer journey for the sale of your products is just as important as maintaining customer and prospect relationships after product sales or, in particular, after conversion aborts.

With our Omnichannel Management we show you how your customers interact before, during and after a product purchase on which channel.

In the future, your customers will trust different digital assistance systems from different manufacturers and platforms. Your customers will communicate unequally on numerous channels. The management of these channels and customer contact points will be critical to the success of your business.

HighPots works with marketing models that intelligently and economically network the different channels to permanently optimize the dialogue with the customer – across the entire customer experience. We also attach great importance to the integration of offline channels. Offline channels continue to be the most important source of revenue in many industries.

A good Omnichannel solution enables your customer to communicate with your company on the channel of his choice at any time.

The measurability, e.g. success, incentives, sales forecasts, etc. of Omnichannel marketing models is essential. We help you with our Omnichannel Key Performance Indicator models, which we have continuously refined over the years.

Multichannel Touchpoints
Omnichannel Consulting

Prerequisites for successful Omnichannel marketing

The following conditions should be met to make your Omnichannel marketing a success:

    • Capture of all data left behind by customers and interested parties during communication with your company. All transactions and communications with your company and partner companies must be stored and evaluated


  • Identification and recognition of customers and prospects (e.g. via Browser-Fingerprint)
  • The collected data about customers and prospective customers should be analyzed and visualized, partly in real time, in order to be available for further communications with the customers
  • Equire which information about customers is not yet available, but is still needed for successful selling. Opening up new marketing channels, e.g. Business-Gamification
  • think about which data is already available but not yet fully used, for example the e-mail address analysis

These terms apply to all channels, whether offline, online, global, countrywide or regional.

This presents your company with the challenge of ensuring that marketing and sales departments have access to the information on each channel at all times. Our experts in the fields of Marketing Software Development, Interface Development and Big Data Analytics will be happy to assist you.

Make a dream come true for your customers and prospects. Make sure that customers never have to give your company the same problem twice or the same answer several times.

With us you will find the optimal channels for your target groups and the perfect time for the right message.