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SEA – Search Engine Advertising

Our marketing portfolio includes holistic search engine marketing, also known as search engine marketing or SEM for short. SEM is a part of online marketing and at HighPots is divided into Search Engine Advertising, in short SEA, and Search Engine Optimization.

Our Search Engine Advertising includes:

  • Google Advertising
  • Bing Advertising
  • yahoo Advertising
  • Baidu Advertising
  • Yandex Advertising

Due to the high use of the Google search machine in the western-oriented world our customers use mostly Google marketing . But at the Chinese search machine Baidu no way passes for export-oriented enterprises nowadays any more. Therefore we are certified also for Baidu Advertising and play out Baidu Ads successfully for our enterprises. However also Microsoft wins in some countries with Bing increasingly market shares, so that we specialists for Bing Advertising have around for our customers cost-benefit-oriented Bing Ads to play out can. Bing and Yahoo have moved closely together in the search machine range, therefore the Yahoo Advertising is systembedingtingt with the Bing Advertising related. Yahoo Ads are therefore part of our Search Engine Advertising.

Our range SEA search machine advertisement helps you with the finding of better customers and of new customers. We serve the SEA systems Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Yahoo Search Marketing as well as the Baidu Search Engine Advertising Network.

We define and optimize your advertising snippets and ad texts and advise you on the best billing models, depending on your goals, budgets and SEA campaigns. We consider all common SEA cost models, Pay-Per-Click / Cost-Per-Click (CPC), Click-Through-Rate (CTR), Impressions, CPM (Cost-per-1000-Impressions), CPV (Cost-Per-View) or cost-optimized mixed SEA billing models.

SEA Frankfurt – we are happy to be your partner for SEA Consulting

Regardless of whether you are an SME or a corporate group, we create individual SEA strategies for you. We combine the strategies with state-of-the-art technologies and the latest findings from consumer psychology and user experience. SEA marketing is worthwhile for almost every company. Of course the campaigns, for example with Google advertisement, must be tracked and optimized permanently. Despite the financial expenditures for our SEA Consulting with our customers and the costs for Google campaigns it is worth it for most of our enterprise customers. It is important to know that SEA campaigns are not only Google campaigns. Depending on the size of your company and the nature of your products or services, it may well be that your SEA campaigns initially perform better for cheaper search engine manufacturers.

Permanent SEA Tracking is mandatory. Regardless of whether the SEA campaigns are configured manually via Google AdWords or automatically via other advertisers – e.g. via display networks or real time bidding systems of different manufacturers with different ad servers. As a company for SEA Consulting, we support you with your SEA campaigns.

Google Marketing
Bing Marketing

SEA costs and SEA cost utilization

As a Google certified company, it is important to us that you can quickly refinance the costs of SEA campaigns in several ways. Every user you direct to your web portal for expensive money will be profiled by us. This means you get a lot more information about the user that you can use for cross- and up-selling activities. All user information is stored, a user profile is created and automatically assigned by our target group mapper to relevant target groups.

We also have further possibilities to gain information about your website visitors. To mention for example our Browser-Fingerprinting or the digital Sales Desk as Re-Targeting-App.

By eliminating the anonymity of your users in order to increase your sales opportunities in real time and in the future, you can maximize the cost of your SEA campaigns.

We can also help you define and calculate your product prices and margins based on the cost of SEA campaigns.

SEA keywords

Our Search Engine Advertising campaigns address your target groups with the right words. Our advertisements are keyword optimized. Based on many years of experience, we know which SEA keywords express genuine interest in your products or services. Thus we avoid unnecessary Search Engine Marketing costs for you and reduce the disappointment of the users, if they do not find the searched for on your web page.

We know which keywords in SEA advertisements are actually of interest to the user and whether the user already has prior knowledge of your products or those of your competitors.

As a result you will get high quality traffic on your internet domain.

SEA reach and SEA transparency

We offer you full flexibility and transparency in terms of budget and cost per conversion in real time.

Via SEA and search engine advertising almost all users are reachable within the search engine world. But does this make sense for the product? Or would it make more sense to limit the reach to certain regions? Our geo-targeting allows you to freely decide which radius and which range you prefer.

Yahoo Marketing
Real Time Bidding

SEA expertise and SEO certification

Our SEA experts are certified for all major search engine manufacturers. However, niche search engines and meta search engines can also be gold mines for medium-sized and small companies. Therefore we have SEA experience and expertise for almost all search engine manufacturers with a market share >1%.

SEA campaign created and live

…then the actual work begins. The campaign is constantly SEO-optimized. This concerns the SEA keywords as well as the landing pages – always with full SEA cost control for you regarding your marketing and SEA budget.


In particular, we always keep an eye on which SEA optimization measures are relevant and where the optimization costs would be higher than the SEA revenues.