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SEO – Search Engine Optimisation for you

Our SEO services include the most important search engine measures. We offer SEO-Consulting for the following search engine providers:

  • SEO Google
  • SEO Bing
  • SEO Yahoo
  • SEO Yandex
  • SEO Baidu

Our SEO includes SEO-Strategies and SEO-Concepts for Onpage and Offpage-Optimizations, generation of high-quality SEO-Content, Linkbuilding with SEO-relevant links and link structures, SEO headings and SEO improvements, identification of suitable SEO keywords as well as the complete SEO support of your website or certain landing pages.

Due to our large SW development area and our IT infrastructure specialized in cloud computing, we can offer you SEO services and SEO automation as well as complete technical support for your Internet portals, including hosting. Our web development department, consisting of UX experts, graphic designers, 3D specialists, SEO experts and software developers, develops and perfects your internet portal for you. Regardless of whether your websites are natively programmed, integrated into WordPress, Typo3 or Drupal. We also improve the loading speed of your websites. Our SEO-Analytics ensures medium- and long-term search engine optimization for your company.

Thus you receive the search engine optimization and the technical conversions from a hand. But of course we also offer our SEO agency services individually. For example, you can order the SEO concept creation or qualitative unique content or SEO keyword analyses and precise SEO keyword selections individually.

We are at your side with our SEO services, regardless of whether you maintain a small blog as a sideline or your company operates a large e-commerce portal.

The HighPots SEO Services are tailored to your company, your industry, your customers and prospects as well as your competitors. Our approach is transparent and documented. Thus, you can trace at any time which measures brought how much success at which point in time.

Due to our many years of experience, we have knowledge from numerous SEO projects in various industries. Often we can already prove in advance which SEO measures will be really successful with a high probability.

Our search engine optimization measures never proceed according to the scheme F. Too different are our corporate customers, their SEO budgets and SEO goals as well as their end customers.

Nevertheless, our approach follows certain laws.

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SEO Strategies

Getting to know your website visitors for the SEO alignment of your web portal

HighPots offers you Multichannel products that allow you to get to know your users. The Business Gamification Solution “Click Rally” that Web Site Widget “CallMe” that Browser Fingerprinting or MailStone as well as the Sales Service Desk and the S4CRM-System are only some of our marketing products.

Only if you know which users are on your websites can you optimize the content SEO. In addition, Google and Co. also try to recognize for which target groups your websites are targeted. The analysis of links is used by the search engine manufacturers as well as content studies on the visit behavior of your users.

For SEO optimization, we use several analysis software packages simultaneously as SEO tools. Google Analytics, eTracker or Webtrekk are standard with our SEO specialists in addition to our own products.

Organic SEO methods are trump

Search engine publishers invest a lot of resources to avoid spam sites. If, for example, your web portal grows by 400% within a short period of time and suddenly contains millions of websites, the probability is high that your website will be classified as spam by search engines.


Google, for example, can sort web pages very well.

The search engine therefore knows very well whether the web portal is a news presence or a company web portal. In the case of a news website, the search engine knows that several new websites can be added every day. With a company website this is unlikely; because which company expands its product or service portfolio so drastically within a short time that thousands of new pages would have to be generated to present it?


It is also important to know that search engine manufacturers (including Google) do not only work with automated robots. There are also thousands of so-called “quality evaluators” working for the search engine providers who manually evaluate your company website. If nothing happens on a website and no new content is added, it is rated worse than a website that is actively managed.

SEO link structures

We prepare your links in such a way that they are easy for search engines to understand. The avoidance of graphical links, the introduction of link text variations or the creation of meaningful sitemaps and the search engine optimized internal linking of your websites to each other play an important role.

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offpage optimization


It is advisable to do without large image files, frames and iFrames.

Anything that delays the loading time of your website will have a negative effect on the ranking. Therefore your web pages should be lean and effectively programmed, they should have a fast web server and also high-performance Internet connections. Not only the HTML files should be delivered quickly by the web server, but also the loading times of the JavaScript should be fast. The internal redirects and DNS server speeds are also SEO relevant.


You should also use URL rewriting to avoid long parameter chains in the URL. Different URLs hosting similar or the same content should be intelligently combined with Canonical URLs SEO-compatible. When programming your web pages, you should take care to hide the session variables or at least use the “ID” parameter when dealing with session IDs.

Our experts will help you to set up and expand your website barrier-free from an SEO point of view.

Content and again Content

Especially for the search engine Google fresh content is very important. Google always wants to offer Internet users something new and therefore rewards good content on their website. The content should be as unique as possible.

Most bots and apps that automatically generate content, translate foreign-language content and automatically generate dynamic websites from it are not good enough. Modern search engines notice and punish this.

Nevertheless, the creation of websites can be partially automated. Our SEO content specialists will be happy to assist you.

New content perfectly linked in high quality - onpage and offpage
Onpage Optimisation

Offpage SEO optimization via links from other websites

Links that link to your web portal from other websites are particularly valuable. The more external links to your website, the higher your ranking. It is best if the external websites have a higher ranking than their own website. Off-page SEO optimization compares your web portal with the websites of your competitors.


Off-page optimization is gaining more and more importance, while on-page optimization is losing importance. The essential aspects for a very good off-page optimization are the number and quality of external links pointing to your web portal. Google has introduced the PageRank unit of measurement to measure off-page optimization.

For SEO off-page optimization, so-called link baiting has established itself. Link baiting is the begging for links from other website operators. The better the content of your own website is, the more likely the external website operators are to link to your pages.

Hello World!

Via Google Sitemaps it is possible to submit your own websites to Google. Via Google Sitemaps any new file or website can be sent to Google. In addition, the Google Sitemap can be used to send other parameters to Google. For example, the importance of your file or the frequency with which this file changes. However, Google Sitemap does not affect the PageRank, but only accelerates the indexing of your web pages.

Target group keyword matching

After “semantic web” the semantic search becomes more and more important. Do you know SemaGER? SemaGER shows you the word area of your website.

Our SEO search engine experts work with numerous tools and mathematical methods to provide you with the best possible keywords and first-class content. The SEO specialists always work with new reverse engineering methods in order to come as close as possible to the Google PageRank algorithm. Our experts are also available for other search engines, such as Baidu and Bing.

Success control

Unfortunately, measuring SEO success is not easy for any search engine manufacturer. Search engine manufacturers change the ratings of websites only after a long time. It can take half a year or more until on-page optimizations or off-page optimizations become noticeable in PageRank. A permanent change of your website is therefore not recommended – with the exception of permanent fresh Unique Content.

SEO is something for long-distance runners. SEO is not a project with a defined start and end point, but SEO is a continuous task. Search engine optimization is everyday business, just like your accounting or your financial accounting. This is also the reason why many companies approach SEO agencies like HighPots. HighPots brings your business to the top with off- and onpage optimization. We look forward to hearing from you.

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