SMM- Social Media Marketing for your company

Social Media Consulting

We develop, describe and realize Social Media Strategies and tactics within the framework of a cost-efficient Social Media Consulting, with which you can use social media to achieve your goals. We regard your Omnichannel Social Media Channels as holistic Social Media Management. Your social media channels are perfectly coordinated with your other marketing channels, e.g. your websites or your mobile universe. Your marketing goals are thus pursued on all relevant channels. The cost-benefit calculation per channel is also part of our Social Media Support for you. The users are picked up individually and personalized on the different channels and controlled according to your targets. We will show you which social media channels are required for your products or services and how the ratio of revenues to marketing expenses is. A social media digitization, i.e. a social media automation can be part of the social media strategy. The social media consulting and the definition of your social media goals takes place at our Frankfurt office – Social Media Frankfurt. HighPots is not a social media agency but a social media company with its own in-house Social Media Management Tools. As a marketing company, we also offer all the services of a social media agency. In addition to social media tools and social media consulting, we offer social media analytics through our data scientists as well as social media software development, e.g. via OpenGraph for facebook marketing, or social media consumption psychology.

Together with you we define your social media goals. Would you like to expand your brand strength with social media, increase the visibility of your company via social media marketing on the Internet, bring more social media traffic to your company marketing channels or increase your product sales with social media campaigns? Regardless of which social media goals you pursue in the social networks, we support you in doing so.

We use intelligent digital storytelling on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to increase the number of interested parties and ensure an increase in your sales figures. We coordinate the content in such a way that those users who follow you on several social channels do not always see the same content. Our social media services also include the identification of early adopters and networking with your company. On every social media channel and at their different touchpoints, we lead the user step by step to conversion – taking into account the costs per touchpoint.

Social Media Management
Social Media Analytics

Facebook & Co alone is not enough…

On professional platforms such as LinkedIn we increase the reputation of your company. The same applies to the number of your social media contacts and the number of qualified applications to your social media job advertisements.

We increase the number of your traffic, your social media links or your sales via viral SMM as well as programmatically with paid campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn and other platforms. We play the campaigns in the social networks precisely on the corresponding social media target groups. Our own target group mapper is also used here. We also know niche networks that can bring you social media added value despite a small number of users. Dead people live longer, – for certain products and services networks and platforms like SecondLife or Kwick can still be productive.

Social media conversion is not mandatory for all products in connection with the social interaction rates of the platforms.

The integration of your campaigns into games on social media platforms, whether on virtual reality, mixed reality or augmented reality devices, is also part of our social media services.

With our Social Media Monitoring application, which also integrates social media campaign management, we have the best prerequisites to achieve your social media goals.

Our business gamification solutions can be fully integrated into Facebook. With these, you are able to automatically get to know and profile an enormous number of interested parties, customers and fans. Our Social Media Gamification App is therefore the best prerequisite for delivering interesting content for your customers and thus achieving a high campaign reading rate with high CTR rates.