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Define target groups for target groups Marketing

Target Groups and Target Groups for Intelligent Target Groups Marketing

Defining target groups is a complex challenge. There are numerous ways in which customers can be assigned to target groups. To make matters worse, customers are in several target groups at the same time. Another challenge is that some target groups in target group marketing can be viewed individually, while other target groups are hierarchically dependent on each other. Customers are also not always in the same target groups, and the assignment of customers to target groups can change overnight.

In 2015, for example, the sympathy of the German population for the war refugees from Syria was very high. In particular, the willingness to help was felt by the two target groups seniors, including wealthy WOOFs, as well as the childless couples, also known as Dink. DINK stands for the target group Double Income No Kids. The example for target group marketing of a tour operator shows the high speed with which target group definitions can change. The tour operator marketed trips to Greece for ethically responsible target groups. There the ethical holiday-makers helped in the refugee camps. After the sexual assaults of Syrian refugees on New Year’s Eve 2015/2016 in Germany/Cologne, the target group “Ethical Travellers” was reduced by more than 80% within 3 weeks. Target group marketing is complex if it is carried out correctly and completely. We not only offer marketing consulting for target group marketing management, but also a target group marketing tool – the target group mapper.

Define correct target groups for successful target group marketing

As mentioned earlier in this article, target group marketing is not easy and requires some work steps. The Identify target groups, Define target groups, which recognize numerous Target group types and relate them correctly to each other, Target group advertising and Target group content for the corresponding Advertising target groups, etc.

Define target groups for accurate target group advertising

HighPots supports your marketing department in defining target groups with clear rules and regulations. Our consumer psychologists and sociologists have experience in the target group areas of tension. We will be happy to share with you the industry-relevant knowledge of which attributes are used for defining target groups, when and with what weighting.

Due to the target group complexity and the numerous target group attributes, we have developed a marketing tool for target group marketing with intelligent algorithms. Namely the target group mapper with which you can define target groups easily and conveniently.

target group marketing

Many target groups are based on our culture and education. We remain part of these target groups for the rest of our lives. We only belong to other target groups for a short time. Either because we react to certain trends or because the circumstances are of short duration (pregnancies, summer holidays, etc.). In the age of digital transformation, it is almost impossible to permanently manage all target groups for thousands of interested parties and customers. That is why we have developed a marketing tool for you that automatically takes over the target group assignments for you . Convince yourself of the helpful possibilities of our Target group folder.

Target group definitionDefine target groups DINK

Define target group marketing and target groups – Target group criteria

The target group classification at HighPots considers and connects all essential target group fields.

  • Big 5 target groups
    • Conscience
    • openness
    • Extraversion/Introversion
    • Compatibility
    • Neuroticism
  • demography
  • Socioeconomics (Income, Education, etc.)
  • psychography
  • Buying behaviour
    • Seniors
    • Wealthy Seniors (WOOF – well off older folks)
    • Sinus-Millieus (social view, attitude to life)
    • Small Office, Home Office (SOHO)
    • Double income (DINK – double income no kids)
    • LOHAS (lifestyle of health and sustainability)
    • LOVOS (lifestyles of voluntary simplicity)
  • Seniors
  • Wealthy Seniors (WOOF – well off older folks)
  • Sinus-Millieus (social view, attitude to life)
  • Small Office, Home Office (SOHO)
  • Double income (DINK – double income no kids)
  • LOHAS (lifestyle of health and sustainability)
  • LOVOS (lifestyles of voluntary simplicity)
  • Generations (Generation X, Y, and Z)
  • Character target groups
    • Simplicity Searcher
    • Reward Hunters
    • Social Capital Seekers
    • Cultural Purists
    • Ethically Responsibles
    • Obligation Meeters
  • Target groups per advertising channel or multichannel target groups

In our target group definition all target groups are related to each other and are mutually dependent. Further dependencies add to this target group complexity.


The most important dependencies are your industry, your products and prices, the season/season, your competition and the market economy as well as trend events.


Your different marketing channels and campaign types represent a further dimension of the target group definition. The assignment of entire target groups to advertising channels is rarely possible.

&nbsp. exceptions are

Exceptions are, for example, the character groups “foreign cultural purists” and “ethically responsible actors”; these can generally be certified as having low social media usage. The character group “Reward Hunters” can also be assigned a very intensive use of social channels. Therefore, the character determination of customers, for example via HighPots Business Gamification, is very important.


In most cases, however, target groups cannot be assigned to specific marketing channels. Here it is important to consider each individual customer, regardless of the target groups assigned to him. Therefore, each marketing channel represents its own “target group”, which, weighted accordingly, is abstracted with the other standard target groups. The measurement of success per marketing channel is necessary to determine the target group.


In general, the Big 5 target groups are shaped in our childhood. The Big 5 target group assignment of your customers is largely valid for a lifetime. Other customer target group assignments are of short duration.


The aim of digital marketing is to identify customers and their target groups and to motivate them to enter new target groups. This is the only way to successfully operate Target Advertising.