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Confidence Building – Trust Building

Trust-Marketing and Digital Trust help to win customer confidence

The customers’ trust in your company enables you to escape the price comparison with the competition. With many target groups soft sales factors count more than just the price. We help you to Trust-Marketing to operate and also in the digital world in the context of a Digital Trust program Digital Trust Building to operate. This will win you customer trust.

Trust elements and trust seal for successful trust building

Often companies work with so-called Trust elements, for example Trust seal. Seals such as “TÜV tested”, “Blue Angel”, “now in TV advertising”, etc. are very popular. Often enterprises build also simply own seals, which look so similar like the well-known established seals. But regardless of whether they are real or homemade, what is the point of the seals at all? Everybody has them these days, they have long since become a business model for TÜV and other companies. It is no longer possible to stand out from the competition. You also lack feedback from users – your prospects and customers; is the seal important to your customers or not? It is difficult for you to find out.

Clickable non-profit trust seals for more customer confidence in trust building

Imagine, however, that you would show your users and customers what your company stands for through constantly changing micro campaigns on your various marketing channels. For example, micro campaigns to protect dogs, pets, drinking water, nature, the environment, etc. You make these micro campaigns clickable, so that the users can click on them. Clicking on them, for example, redirects the user to an online petition.
With time you get a clear click image about the non-profit topics that are important to your customers. This information in turn can be used excellently for selling. You can adjust the content of your advertising campaigns exactly to this. In addition, you increase customer confidence – customers identify with your non-profit goals.

We have automated exactly this approach and implemented it on numerous advertising channels, e.g. in social media marketing or on websites. Also take a look at our Business Gamification channel, in which we have also implemented the trust elements.

HighPots builds trust in your name to your prospects and customers. Automated to thousands of your customers but still individualized and personalized.

This is done with the HighPots Programmatic Trust Builder®. For trust building HighPots uses every touchpoint on every relevant channel within the Customer Experience.

This is how we build trust not only during the customer journey, i.e. until product sales, but also afterwards in the after sales phase.

Interfaces of the Trust Builder to other marketing and sales applications

The HighPots Programmatic Trust Builder® can be connected to our target group mapper®. But also with numerous other third-party systems – e.g. with CRM systems or campaign management systems from Microsoft, CAS, SAP, Sage, Lexware and others. The Trust Builder is already included as standard in some of our products, for example in our S4CRM-System. Thus the Trust Building can be easily integrated into your marketing processes and marketing applications. The more sales channels and customer contact points are connected to the Trust Builder, the more intensive the trust building becomes and the more successful your sales will be. The Trust Builder uses information from marketing, offline sales as well as from online sales or product development.

Advantages of Trust Building with the HighPots Programmatic Trust Builder®

72% of consumers who trust a company do not look at more than two comparative offers. Even if your offer is up to 11% more expensive than that of the competition, 76% of these consumers still buy from you – in comparable products. This reduced research behaviour of your customers increases your sales figures and turns your prospective customers into customers.

In addition to the trust of your customers, you also receive information about the issues that burden your customers. You get to know the conscience of your customers and can use this knowledge to increase the attractiveness of your campaigns. The information about the “world pain” of your customers thus increases your sales figures.

win customer confidence
Trust Elements

How the Programmatic Trust Builder® works

Most companies court website visitors with trust symbols. For example Trusted Shop, ISO checked, ratings from satisfied customers, statements from VIP’s, etc.

This procedure is widespread and hardly attracts any more attention from your users. By displaying these trust symbols you also do not receive any feedback from customers. The use of these traditional trust symbols is therefore now questionable.

Imagine, however, that you would show real social commitment at regular intervals on different channels. For example, on one of your landing pages, a social media channel or within HighPots Business Gamification, you could display the social non-profit activity of your company or some of your employees. We have incorporated this approach into our business gamification solution, for example.

It is important to spread the trust-building inserts, also known as trust elements, widely. Environmental protection, nature conservation, eMobility, protection of dogs/cats or the preservation of the rainforest are just a few examples. The measurement of which users jump on which type of trust elements and click or touch on them is important and contributes to the target group definition and thus to the increase of your campaign success.

After a user has clicked on a trust element, he or she lands on one of your websites, where your social commitment is highlighted. This website in turn can be linked to an online petitions web portal.

Trust Measurement

The insertion of trust elements, the measurement of user behaviour and the identification of social commitment users are only the obvious functionalities of the HighPots Trust Builder. The most important function of the Trust Builder is the measurement of trust between your customers or prospects and your company.


Our consumer psychologists and sociologists have developed a trust-key figure system to measure trust in your customers. Using classic cookie methods as well as modern browser signature methods , we determine the level of trust that users have with their customers on the basis of multi-channel user behaviour and display this as an indicator per user. Each user receives a trust code between 0 and 9. 0 means no trust, 9 means high trust. We also bind our campaign recommendations to this confidence indicator. If, for example, the trust ratio is less than 3, the probability that customers delete their e-mail campaigns unread or even mark them as spam is very high. Customers with a low trust rating should be addressed via other marketing channels. The Trust Builder also has an effective interface to our Email Address Validation Tool MailStone.


We look forward to working with you to build trust with your customers and prospects. Step by step we increase the intelligence of your marketing and sales.

Trust elements for trust building and gain customer confidence