With the Web-RTC Widget as marketing tool your customer is with you with one touch or one click

CallMe is a smart widget for your website and enables the creation of user profiles in addition to the actual purpose, the simplified establishment of contact. With our real-time communication for your Internet presence, your customers and interested parties can contact you in the simplest way possible. WebRTC as contact widget enables barrier-free real-time communication via image/video transmission, text chat or via audio. Our product Callme is thus an effective marketing tool and online support tool for optimizing the customer journey and the customer experience. In addition, your customer can share his screen with your helpdesk staff. And vice versa. Your support representative can show his screen to your customer.

The conversations between your support center and your prospective customers are available to the participants after the end of the conversation. The prospective customer can download the minutes on a dynamically generated website. While the prospective customer downloads the minutes, he leaves a web profile. The web profile is transferred to your CRM system together with the protocol.

CallMe enables your customers and prospects to contact you free of charge.

Regardless of whether we are on the Internet professionally or privately, we know the problem: no website answers all our questions. Even if the answers lie in the depths of some FAQ’s, – who still has the time today for extensive searches? The bots that many companies make available to us on their websites as tools and call them “artificial intelligences” are not very helpful.

In the end we are frustrated and try to find more information on other websites.

A cost-efficient barrier-free access of your users to personal support by your employees not only brings more orders and a higher customer satisfaction for you, but also a deep understanding of the needs of your prospects and customers. You can use this understanding to optimize your products or services as well as for an improved sales process.

Start right away with a price inquiry via the Call-Me widget for your company website.

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CallMe prevents this migration of website visitors and averts this conversion abort.

Your website visitors immediately see that a service employee of your company is free. It is also obvious that the number of your company does not have to be typed in laboriously, but that the connection can be established immediately with a click/touch. Thus the barrier “device change” is omitted with the establishment of contact.


Also the selection of the channel, bundled at one place, pleases your potential customers. Your prospective customers can decide freely whether they want to use real-time channels such as chat, telephone or video transmission or prefer the medium e-mail.


With CallMe you can generate more leads, get to know your customers better and obtain valuable customer data for your marketing.


The CallMe widget is based on modern WebRTC technology. WebRTC means Web Real Time Communication. It is supported by almost all browsers and requires no additional plug-ins. CallMe is secure because the connections are encrypted.


CallMe is not a closed system like the usual messengers of US American companies. The transmission is based on standard protocols (of World Wide Web Consortium) and not on protocols owned by companies.

Your sales benefits

With CallMe you can rely on proven state-of-the-art technology.

Concrete advantages of CallMe are:

  • Reduction of your bounce rates in online sales
  • Increase the efficiency of your support center
  • Increasing customer numbers – from potential customer to customer
  • New important data and information from prospects and customers
  • knowledge which essential questions of the interested parties your web pages do not answer
  • Stable, secure connections
  • >standard protocols and the associated simple interfaces to other systems in your company
  • Independence of your support team from location

Concrete figures for our online support tool CallMe

  • After the implementation of CallMe at a provider of smart home solutions, the following results were obtained:
  • Reduction of the bounce rate: 12%
  • Customer growth via CallMe (immediate sales): 2.5%
  • Customer growth through long-term conversion from interested parties to customers (6 months): 2%
  • increase in customer satisfaction: 5.5%
  • Reduction in the number of complaints by fax: 8%
  • reduction of product returns: 12%


New marketing data: CallMe provides you with information about your prospects, such as first names and surnames, gender, age groups, postal codes, etc.

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Use as a sales tool

CallMe is not only suitable as a support tool for your call center. CallMe is an effective interface between your website visitors and your customer service. CallMe can also be used as a sales tool.

If you plan to use CallMe as an online offline channel interface, please also take a look at our Sales Service Desk®. Further information about Omni-Channel-Marketing can be found at Offline-Online-Marketing-Kanal Connection possibilities.

Functional Principle

CallMe is integrated as a WebRTC widget on your website. WebRTC is a new open standard protocol and is supported by most Internet browsers. For example from the web browsers Firefox, Edge, Google Chrome or Opera.

WebRTC transmits voice, audio and video in real time and also allows sharing of applications from browser to browser. Thus, communication with users is possible in real time without plug-ins.

The only requirements for users are a web browser, loudspeaker, microphone and possibly a webcam (for video connections). Almost all tablets, smartphones and laptops come with this.

Highest security for your communication with your prospects and customers

We attach great importance to the fact that the communication between you and your users is not intercepted by third parties. Therefore we additionally use the Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol (SRTP) as well as a technology that explicitly negotiates a data connection to a user so that a point-to-point connection is established.


In order to ward off attacks on point-to-point connections, for example by redirecting voice connections to external servers, we use the STUN and ICE protocols and additionally encrypt with the DTLS protocol.

Privacy protection

Acting in accordance with data protection regulations is important to us. However, your economic growth is also important to us. Global competition is only fair if data protection laws and regulations are identical worldwide. This is not the case. This puts companies in highly data protection-regulated countries at a disadvantage.


In most types of business, data protection is not a competitive advantage, but a disadvantage. For this reason, we are meeting the challenge – economic growth through consumer data despite strict data protection regulations – progressively. Our products comply with data protection regulations through privacy by design, strict access regulations, encryption and user consent to data processing by your company.

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