Business Gamification

Increase sales through player profiles

Our business game solutions integrate themselves agilely into your web presence:

As a stand-alone gamification app on all common mobile devices, as an app-in-app or on social platforms such as Facebook.

The campaigns are automatically adapted to the current player/customer profile.

This profile can be transferred to your CRM system or CMS.

Use our intuitive dashboard to get new insights about your customers and manage the app.

The Gamification can be integrated into your sales platforms and distribution channels within one day.

Gamification as Marketing Tool

Business Gamification is an essential acquisition channel within the Customer Journey and the Customer Experience.

Gamification goals

  • increase in sales volume
  • dynamic, user-oriented pricing
  • Get sales-relevant, cross-sector customer information
  • Winning new customers through viral marketing
  • Structure and expansion of the brand strength
  • Building trust between companies and customers
  • strengthening customer loyalty
  • Automated individualization and personalization
  • Real-time campaigns thanks to real-time evaluation of customer data
  • Growth of cross-selling

Our enterprise gamification solutions enable comprehensive customer data collection (intelligent backend), offer intuitive dashboard for marketing departments to visualize data and information, and very simple gameplay, which can be played by customers between 4 and 90 years of age without training.

Business Gamification

Playful selling through Gamification

More growth through gamification marketing

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Target Group Business Gamification

Example Gamification in Tourism

Who uses gamification?

Gamification is used across all industries.
Our customers include companies from the tourism, healthcare and automotive industries.
The target group also includes men and women equally – from teenagers to senior citizens.

Important Elements

In order for gameplay to be successful, various factors play a role.
These include, for example, the gamification elements taken up (category selection, number and difficulty level of the levels, chances of winning), the advertising of the app (landing page with large number of visitors, newsletter, social media) and finally also attractive prizes (level prizes, extra bonus, final prize).

Success rates

Depending on the industry and the products and services offered, the gamification is played by approx. 2.5% to 12% of all website visitors.
On average, between 40% and 65% of all players register. The number of players between the ages of 40 and 60 is particularly high.

Maintain game motivation

Simple games often have the disadvantage that they quickly become boring. To counteract this, you have the possibility to advertise winnings for the best players within the gamification. In addition, your customers can also help shape the games by defining their own game elements.

In the tourism industry, for example, travelers use gamification for years by uploading their own holiday pictures and advice terms into the gamification and sharing them only with close friends or family.

Often the holidaymakers even raffle small prizes within their own circle of friends for the best games.

In addition, you can conveniently change the categories or game levels via the marketing dashboard to maintain and increase the attractiveness for your customers.

Dashboard for success control

So that you can keep your customers loyal through gamification, there should be no boredom. Thanks to our clear dashboards you always have the behaviour of your players in view and can react accordingly flexibly.

With just a few clicks you can change or add game categories and implement new features. You can also think about rewarding regular players with special offers or distributing winnings to the best players.

In addition, you can offer your customers the opportunity to help shape the game themselves. Just get in touch with us. Our clever gamification solutions can be easily adapted to your individual wishes!

Games for companies as a marketing channel

Benefit of Gamification: Gain cross-industry customer information

On your sales channels you show your customers and prospective customers your industry-specific products and services. Therefore, you only get industry-specific information about the users.

For example, your Internet portal uses web tracking systems to provide you with user information on how long which of your products have been viewed or which brochures have been downloaded. This information is related to your industry.

Gamification, however, provides you with sector-spanning sales-relevant information about your prospects and customers. For example, our business gamification solution Click-Rally® tells you whether your customers are ambitious or emotional.

Klick-Rally® also provides information on whether your customers have everyday routines and what these are, whether your customers are quickly bored or politically motivated.

In addition to education, you will also learn about the general interests and passions of your customers and prospective customers as well as information about which customer is connected to whom and how (family members, close friends), etc.

Marketing channel corporate game new customers
Also available as Facebook game

How do your customers tick?

While within your sales channels, e.g. your website, you receive information about how customers interact with your product or service (length of stay on the website, frequency of bookings and cancellations), gamification gives you access to exciting, cross-industry information and insights.

For example, our business gamification Klick-Rally® will tell you whether your customers are ambitious or emotional, to what extent they have everyday routines and what these are, and whether your customers are quickly bored or politically motivated.

Likewise you experience apart from the education also the general interests and passions of your customers and prospective customers as well as information about it, which customer with whom how is interlaced (family members, close friends).

Customer information from Business-Gamification is more honest

Consumers often act rationally when searching the Internet for products or services. Product descriptions are studied and compared with those of competitors, videos viewed on YouTube or ratings read on Amazon & Co.

People are much more spontaneous, intuitive and exuberant when playing games. While playing, the limbic system of the customers is active and endorphins are released.

The information resulting from the game data thus allows conclusions to be drawn about the character and traits of your customers, which are important for sales.

Gamification creates states of mind that can be transformed into emotional sales opportunities.

When using the business gamification solution Klick-Rally®, added value is created which enables you to stand out from the price war with competitors.

Now you can try the business gamification solution free of charge Klick-Rally®.

The Concept of Gamification

Consumers often act rationally in Internet research. Product descriptions are studied and compared with those of competitors, videos viewed on YouTube or ratings read on relevant portals.

gamification advertising

Trust and ad elements

In the game, trust and ad elements can be displayed across the entire playing surface. Trust elements serve to build trust between you/your company and your customers. Trust elements can, for example, demonstrate the commitment of your users to environmental protection and nature conservation or to animals.

We have found that customers accept offers better if they have previously worked with trust elements.

Ad elements are special offers of your company. These are displayed directly on the playing surface. The Gamification application makes sure that

  • your customers had a successful gaming experience immediately before the insertion of your offer and
  • that confidence-building measures had already been displayed before (trust elements).
marketing trust elements and gamification-advertising
Gamification App

Profit from our experience – our gamification service for you

From a technical point of view, gamification is quickly available to your company on your sales channels.

The marketing setup of the Gamification depends on the information you would like to know about your customers. We are at your disposal with words and deeds. You can either use our marketing setup service package or we will come to you for a joint workshop.

Data protection and data security

Both the data and the gameplay are stored in the HighPots data center and are handled in accordance with the Federal Data Protection Act. Upon request, the entire application can be transferred to your data center. The data transport is encrypted with SSL.

Technological structure

Klick-Rally® as well as the dashboard for the marketing department is developed in Java. It is embedded via iFrame into the website of your company. All we need is the URL of your website on which the game is to be integrated.

Klick-Rally® was developed as an app for mobile devices for iOS in Objective-C, for Android in Java and for Windows Mobile in C#.