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Online sales with effective sales tool

Sales Desk for high conversion when selling online

Online sales with web selling and individualization

Offers online in real-time without media discontinuity for fast online sales

Also suitable for online support and online helpdesk

The Sales Service Desk® has the following functionalities and modules:

  • Retargeting – win back customers who want to leave their websites through personal consultation
  • Bridging the time (up to 20 seconds) with a virtual assistant until the right contact person has been found in your company (regardless of location)
  • Presence management system – identification of a contact person in your company who matches the customer/prospect enquiry; check whether this contact person is currently available
  • Automatic search of the FAQ database to quickly find the right answers for your customers
  • Consulting and customer care via audio, text or video on your website (also available as single module CallMe)
  • play of individual offers by your sales department on your website directly in the field of vision of the interested party (no media break “…I have sent you the offer by e-mail, please also check the spam folder”)
  • accompaniment of the interested party until the sale or booking; conversion from interested party to customer
  • Logging and storage of all communication (e.g. also in your CRM system); transmission of the log in text or audio also to the customer
  • Additional storage of the prospective customer or customer web profile in the CRM system
  • Sorting of all customers and interested parties into target groups for campaign management possible (see HighPots target group mapper)
  • Possibility to pass interested parties on to colleagues or to involve colleagues
  • Possibility for individualization and personalization of offers or in case of support

Use the Sales Desk for your online sales. It helps you

when selling online and prevents conversion aborts. Through

Web selling increases your sales figures. The Sales Desk is

can be easily integrated into your website. Online offers can be

manually or automatically played in real time on your web portal

media breaks are thereby prevented. Media disruptions are prevented (“did you see my

email with the offer not received?”).

Sales Tool with Sales DashboardSell online with the Sales Desk

Use as a service tool

You can also use the Sales Service Desk® in customer service to answer customer inquiries. This will increase the efficiency of your support center and ensure effective cooperation between sales and support.

Learn here a short film about the Sales Service Desk

Functional principle

a) Widget for your web presence

We give you a small widget for your internet presence. The widget is a kind of app that integrates itself into your website. The widget contains a few algorithms and a popup that can be adapted to your CI.

The algorithms recognize those users on your internet portal who are frustrated with searches or who want to leave your website. These users are offered a personal consultation (via appealing popup) exactly at the position of the mouse pointer (with touch terminals, other methods are used).

b) Communication module and virtual sales environment

If the user confirms the popup, a communication window appears. The user can decide whether he wants to communicate by voice, video or text.

Next to the communication window, a virtual 360° sales area (simulated shop) opens. Here the user can view special advertising offers, exhibits or product catalogues. He can also select a salesperson or consultant. If he clicks on a salesperson/consultant, the communication module searches in the background for a freelancer from the sales department or helpdesk.

c) Presence management module and artificial assistance

The presence management system is now looking for a suitable and freely available employee. The employee in his or her role as a sales representative or customer consultant can be selected according to various criteria. If your company has several branches, the closest employees can be assigned to the customer geographically. A topic-related employee assignment is also possible. In general, it takes a few seconds until the suitable employee has been selected.

The virtual assistant uses this time. It asks the customer for some information that your employee needs for the consultation. The digital assistant is configured in such a way that the user can only give simple answers. Under no circumstances should information be queried that has led to the user's frustrations.

d) Dashboard for your sales staff or your customer advisors

The dashboard with which the sales staff work is web-based and location-independent. It is intuitive and easy to use. Training is hardly necessary with this sales software.

The sales dashboard is divided into 9 clearly arranged areas. All areas are valuable sales tools.

Area 1: Previous website visits

The Sales Service Desk® has interfaces to numerous web tracking systems. Therefore, the number and duration of the last visits of the user to your websites can be viewed in this area. Thus, your sales department can recognize whether there are new online prospects or regular users.

Area 2: Interested parties in the CRM system

In the second area you can see whether the website visitor is already stored in the CRM system. The sales employee can save the web profile of the user in the CRM system at the push of a button. For example, the user's terminal device, browser type, browser history, operating system, Web pages viewed on your Web site, and so on. Whether the name of the user is known is irrelevant. A unique consecutive number is generated for the CRM system, under which the information of the prospective customer is stored. In addition, the sales conversation or the chat history can of course also be saved in the CRM system at the end of the conversation.

Area 3: Viewed offers in the virtual salesroom

In this area the interactions of interested parties and customers are displayed. Which products were selected in the virtual sales area, which posters or special offers attracted the attention of the prospective customer or which type of salesperson was selected by the user.

Area 4: Shopping cart or user input into the Internet Booking Engine (IBE)

Often users have already preselected some products. These products are in the shopping cart or on the user's wish list. In many cases, the user has already entered concrete information about a product in the IBE. In tourism, for example, users have often already entered information into the Internet Booking Engine. For example, the holiday duration and travel times, the number of accompanying persons, a price range, and so on. This area displays this information to your sales employee so that he or she can better advise the interested party.

Area 5: chat and communication histories

If a prospective customer has already been connected several times with a sales or helpdesk employee, the Sales Service Desk® displays this. This means that your sales or support team already has important information about the interested party. If a user repeatedly demands a lot of your sales staff's time without buying anything at the end, you can refer him to your online contact form. Thus you can give valuable selling time to other prospective customers.

Area 6: Display of network stability for your sales

Several times the connection to a customer or a prospective customer breaks off. However, this does not necessarily mean that the potential customer has intentionally terminated the chat or communication with your sales staff. Often, your prospects are on the move, crossing places with low WLAN or mobile coverage. For this reason, our Sales Service Desk displays unstable network connections. Your sales department can leave the communication window to the customer open in the event of call interruptions and low network strength. Thus, your company will not miss any sales opportunities.

Area 7: Interface for your sales department to merchandise management and booking systems

In order to be able to sell without media discontinuity directly during communication with customers, your sales staff also need access to your products, prices and offers.

The Sales Service Desk® links to the common offer-output systems. For the travel industry and tourism, for example, we have implemented the booking system of the Amadeus Group. The Amadeus Group is the market leader in the GDS market - almost all airlines, tour operators and more than 10,000 travel agencies work with Amadeus systems. This means that sales staff can compile the offers and play them out on the website while they are still talking to customers - individually for each prospective customer.

Area 8: Offer delivery via offer output management

If a sales colleague has compiled an offer during the communication with a potential customer, he can forward the offer individually adapted to the prospective customer to the website. The web pages are thereby dynamically developed. So for example 100,000 users can see the same URL (, however each individual user different contents. It is therefore possible for your sales department to play out individualized offers for a single user on your web portal without other website visitors being able to see it. Your sales department can make the offers available to the interested party by pressing a button in one second. Barrier-free. There is no need to send offers by e-mail. The risks that the sales employee does not understand the e-mail address correctly, that the e-mails end up in the spam folder or are delivered late are eliminated. Up to 4 offers can be sent simultaneously in real time to interested parties on the website.

Area 9: Communication window

The last area within the Sales Service Desk® is at the top left and is used for communication with website visitors. The communication area for your sales staff is identical to the communication elements that your website visitors see on your Internet portal. Your employees in the sales backend or support area can communicate with potential customers via video, audio or text.

You can use the Sales Service Desk® wherever you are. Thus, you can staff your helpdesk or sales department with employees in home offices as well as dock various support centers worldwide (follow-the-sun).

Internet Selling with Sales Dashboard



sell online with Sales Dashboard
Customers online

Your sales benefits

With the Sales Service Desk® you increase the number of your online sales. You also reduce the customer bounce rate on your website. The Sales Service Desk® is barrier-free and prevents offers from being lost. Additively, you get to know your customers better through direct communication.

You can use the customer data resulting from the conversations for marketing campaigns, e.g. newsletters or tele-sales.

Strengthen the trust to your customers by offering personal individual consultation. Bots or artificial "intelligences" do not work and generate frustrations.

Your advantages in numbers

Approx. 8% to 12% of the users who want to leave your website can be retrieved.

1.8% to 3.1% of retargeted users buy or book your products or services.

From 75% to 80% of the website visitors you receive information about age, name, gender or a hobby.

55% to 60% of the users leave their names.