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Multichannel Management and Social Media Management

A marketing platform for your social media channels and successful social media management. The same platform for your customer information from web tracking and mobile app tracking.

All marketing-relevant customer information on an Omnichannel dashboard.

With the HighPots Marketing Software you can

  • Collect customer data on
    • Social Media Channels
    • mobile channels via Apps
    • Web pages
    • Your Programmatic Advertising Channels
    • your chat systems
    • Other communication systems such as e-mail server
    • The telephone systems of your company
  • Generate new customer contacts through viral marketing
  • Define target groups
  • Assign products to target groups / create target group product bundles
  • Create marketing campaigns
  • Convert Conversion Forecasts
  • Create newsletters, banners and social media campaigns
  • Confidence measurements per customer and target group
  • Send marketing campaigns
  • Enable Social Media Monitoring
  • Marketing Controlling in real time and compare the marketing costs per marketing channel
  • View all online marketing channels, social media channels and offline marketing channels

Viral Marketing through Social Media Monitoring and Social Media

Screening. All virally determined user data is profiled and stored in

of our Social Media Management Suite. In the

Social Media Suite, you can assign the user profiles to target groups.

and these target groups products again. Afterwards you can

through the campaign management integrated in the Social Media Suite

offers can be sent. Omnichannel, – as email, Facebook, Instagram,

LinkedIn or Snapchat Advertising. Through the viral marketing of the Social

Media Suite saves you marketing budget for Facebook advertising or

Snapchat and/or LinkedIn Advertising. Also Secondlife Advertising is on

Wish possible. Combine your viral marketing intelligently with

marketing with costs or programmatic marketing through the use of

of our Social Media Management Suite – intelligent multichannel

Social media marketing.

Viral Marketing Social Media Marketing

The Marketing Suite

The Marketing Suite makes successful social media management possible. You can also add additional marketing channels in addition to social media management. The Marketing Suite thus becomes a multichannel management system.


The Marketing Suite transforms your company’s customer relationship management into social customer management – CRM becomes sCRM. You don’t need a new CRM system to do this. In addition to an sCRM system, the Marketing Suite is also an Omnichannel Social Media Management System.


See here how the HighPots Marketing Suite works.

The Social Media Management module includes Social Media Screening, Social Media Monitoring and Social Media Advertising. Holistic social media marketing in an integrated social media management suite for your company.


The web module of the Marketing Suite contains the data from the web tracking. This web tracking data is merged with the data from social media management for each customer.


The business app module synchronizes the data of your installed mobile apps with the marketing suite and also assigns them to the social media data and the web tracking data.


The target group mapper analyses the collected data per customer and generates precise target groups. The appropriate products from your product portfolio are assigned to these target groups. This results in exact target group product bundles that make your campaigns more successful. Both on the web, on social media channels or for mobile campaigns.


The data in your CRM system contains in particular contact information, contact histories and past offers, product sales or bookings. The Marketing Suite enriches your CRM system with information about the character, spending power, income and interests of your customers. In addition, your customers are automatically assigned to target groups. Your CRM system thus becomes a multi-channel social media management CRM system.


The customer screening module of the Marketing Suite generates viral new customer contacts from the social environment of your customers. Lead generation takes place exclusively virally without SEA and without social media advertising.