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Customer centering – digital and analog

Customer-centered thinking and acting is essential for us as a service provider for B2C industries. All services and any products between our corporate customers and their end customers are analyzed. All communication channels and points of contact with end customers are also examined.


In the end, a high degree of maturity of your marketing digitization is created. This enables you to recognize the wishes and needs of your customers across marketing channels and to fulfill them in high quality and quantity.


An important intermediate goal for this is the identification of which products are marketed via which marketing channels with which end customer contact points.


The next step is to compare the costs and benefits per channel and end customer touchpoint. Cost-benefit-Omnichannel-Analyses.


The benefit is defined by the number of sales, the number of data sets determined for prospects and customers, the cross-selling and up-selling opportunities offered by the data sets, and the increase in the brand.


The costs per channel, also known as Channel Total Costs (CTC), are determined on the basis of all resources involved in a channel. This includes the initial connection of the channel as well as the ongoing operation. In order to determine the channel total costs, the hardware costs such as servers and storage as well as the energy costs for the hardware and the personnel costs for marketing, support, software development, IT administration, etc. are determined. The CTC are thus the marketing-focused part of the TCO.


In addition, the channels and their touchpoints are also examined for target groups usage. In general, it is determined whether the existing channels and touchpoints of our corporate customers match the products offered and the target groups targeted. It is not uncommon for us to recommend new marketing channels or to advise you to discontinue or reduce campaign management on certain channels.


The degree of maturity of the digitalisation of your marketing area is defined within the framework of our analysis. We have the experience to drive the automation of your marketing at the right interfaces to the end customer.


This applies not only to the touchpoints during the customer journey, but also to the entire customer experience. This includes analog and digital customer consultations as well as multichannel complaint management or real-time end customer support after product purchase.


The entire marketing process and its area interfaces are successively highlighted. Sales, product development and innovation management are important divisional interfaces. Product sales figures and support volumes are important criteria on the basis of which product management can define product strategies.


The reporting of the marketing to the essential departments as well as to the enterprise management is automated and is likewise part of the marketing digitization by HighPots.