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Marketing for small businesses

From small business to medium-sized

The leap from a small company with 5 to 25 employees to a medium-sized company is a challenge that many companies fail to meet.

The reasons for this often lie in political or market-specific aspects. Taxes, high employee ancillary costs, employee-friendly legislation or high administrative charges are just a few examples.

However, the reasons often lie in the failure to recognize the importance of marketing. This year, from January to July 2017, we analysed 5000 small companies willing to expand within the B2C sectors. These included lawyers, health professionals, retailers, architects and various production companies for consumer products. Most of the small businesses had annual growth rates of 0.5% to 1%. In some years there was also negative growth. The reason for this is due to low marketing for small companies. Even in those sectors that could achieve outstanding results with viral marketing, starting from a private environment, Facebook was even missing. Facebook for small businesses can be a viral growth engine in certain industries. We often heard statements from CEOs such as “the newfangled digital stuff doesn’t work” or “I don’t have an account on Facebook, Xing or LinkedIn either”. However, it is fatal to take yourself as a benchmark for your customers. Marketing for small companies can be started successfully with viral networks on different platforms. We help you to enter the age of digital marketing.

It was often the case that almost no resources were available for sales and marketing. Even in the years in which small businesses were in a worse state, hardly any investments were made in marketing. On the contrary, marketing budgets, which were already low, were often reduced even further. Obviously, small businesses lack confidence in the expansion opportunities offered by precise marketing.

The success stories of other small businesses, which have succeeded in becoming medium-sized thanks to progressive development, have apparently not yet spread within the small business world.

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Marketing small businesses

SEO for small businesses

Our marketing package for small businesses

We offer a special marketing package to small companies that have been on the market for more than 3 years. This marketing package consists of

Our experience has shown that this marketing package has the optimal cost-benefit value for the majority of small businesses.

Of course, there are no marketing success guarantees, but there are high probabilities of success. The marketing success definitions are determined and created together with the small companies during the marketing analysis in the initial phase.

Talk to our reference customers and get your own impression of the efficiency of our marketing package for small businesses.