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Marketing KMU and marketing solutions for start-ups

Every time you start your own business or start entrepreneurship, it is important to present your ideas, services or products to as many people or companies as possible. The sales of the products or services must take place fast, since otherwise the money becomes fast scarce. Therefore that is Marketing for independent ones so important. In addition we count naturally likewise the Marketing KMU and marketing solutions for start-ups.

To our KMU marketing belong Social Media KMU and Online marketing small enterprises as well as SEO small enterprise .

The limited start-up budget should be sufficient for the equipment to develop the services or the products. It should also be used to find customers.

The fresh businessmen and businessmen quickly tend to put together a modular website at 1&1 or Strato, have business cards printed and create company accounts on some social media channels.

Marketing Start-ups and KMU Marketing – Theory and Practice

More and more of our start-up customers have read the books “The 4-hour week” by Timothy Ferriss or “The Art of The Sart” by Guy Kawasaki. These books give the impression that every company founder could be successful quickly and with little time expenditure. That this assumption is a fallacy is proven by the 97% of all failed start-ups.

If a service or a product can actually close a gap in the market, at first perhaps only in a certain region, the hopes of success are quite justified. The less the service or product can be quickly copied by others, the better. The term “success” should be defined from the beginning. You should get away from the idea of being able to establish a billion-euro group in 2 years. Great ideas and goals are essential, but healthy realism saves many disappointments. For most of our customers, success means being able to make a living when they enjoy their work by earning enough money for their family, food and housing.

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SME Marketing is one of the most important 3 business areas

In the beginning there are only three areas besides your offered service or your product that you should really take care of as a start-up: Personnel, technology and marketing. All other topics such as taxes, financial accounting, payroll accounting, dunning, etc. are best outsourced to low-cost external service providers. If you have set up your start-up on your own, the first step is to eliminate the topic of personnel.

The technology is therefore an important factor, because it simplifies the use of your services or products for others and mostly also relieves you of work. In B2C start-ups, technology and marketing are closely linked.

Do you have a new bistro or café and want more customers? Or are you a freelance software developer, craftsman, project manager, architect, lawyer or consultant? Regardless of which services or products you offer, you need the highest possible reach with the least amount of effort and at the lowest cost. The more companies or consumers learn about your services or products, the better.

However, it should be especially those companies or consumers who also have a need for your products or services. This means that you should address the correct target groups at the right time. This requires technology and marketing.

Marketing Start-ups – Example Target Groups and Marketing Channels

If, for example, you have invented a new facade insulation material or insulate detached houses, you need homeowners with financial potential, the right attitude towards the environment and the belief that there is currently little better investment than to invest in the insulation of houses.

We are now helping you to find the right target groups – with regard to the “house insulation” business segment, the appropriate target groups could be owners of photovoltaic or solar thermal systems, for example, as well as drivers of electric cars.

Once the right target groups have been found, we support you in addressing them at the right time on the right advertising channel a>, – e.g. Xing, WhatsApp, e-mail, Facebook or via an advertising banner on a website about photovoltaics and in maintaining the dialogue with interested parties.

We thus successively convert interested parties into your customers.

Of course, we also set up your Internet presence for you and tell you on which other advertising channel you should be present. The Internet appearance developed by us is already from the outset SEO optimized. This means that you already meet the requirements to be found more easily by others via search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing or Baidu.

Our costs for your marketing are adapted to your current situation as a start-up entrepreneur.

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