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Custom Software Development Frankfurt

We want to offer you our new service customized software development Frankfurt. We are a renowned service provider for software development with great expertise and vision. The HighPots branches in the Frankfurt area are our largest branches in Germany, and have been in existence since 2011. Around Frankfurt we develop custom software for corporate customers of any size. Are you still undecided whether you would like to purchase a standard/mass software or rather invest in a custom software development? Perhaps the considerations on our page will help you further individual software development.

Our customers include companies in the following sectors: insurance, banking, automotive, pharmaceuticals, power generation and brokering as well as the travel industry. Some reference customers of the Frankfurt HighPots branch can be found on our website Softwaredevelopment Frankfurt.

You can find an excerpt of our reference customers who also operate outside Hesse here on our web portal at Reference customers.

Customized Software Development in Frankfurt

Our customized software development at the Frankfurt branch is broadly based. We mostly develop web applications in the Frankfurt area, both front-end web applications and back-end web applications. The programming languages for Individual custom software development frequently requested by our corporate customers are Java and PHP. Since 2019 JavaScript and TypeScript, realized with the Framework Angular, have been very popular in the Individual front-end software developments. JQuery seems to be losing market share in Frankfurt at the moment. A short overview of our portfolio in custom software development can be found on the HighPots website Overview Software Development Services.

Customized Software Development Frankfurt for Applications in the Areas of Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Applications in the field of machine learning are mostly developed with Python or Java. For this purpose we work with different frameworks. TensorFlow/TensorFlow Light, Keras, System ML from IBM, Torch/Torchnet and Apache Spark. Are you considering purchasing the “standard” software IBM Watson? Our experience with IBM Watson might be interesting for you.

Reference customers for Custom Software Development in Frankfurt in the areas of Deep Learning

Our main customers for customized software development Deep Learning are companies in the insurance industry and the automotive industry.

Insurance companies are mostly concerned with individualised insurance tariffs, which are determined using ML individual software. The software we have developed for this purpose works more precisely than classical actuarial mathematics can do with regression analyses. Classic standard software packages, e.g. from SAS, are often superseded by this.

For the automotive industry we develop applications for autonomous driving (levels 2.5 to 3) but also for the simulation of battery component materials to increase energy density and range. In some cases, we develop very hardware-oriented solutions for carmakers and access data already at the sensors or already at the control units or bus systems (Can-Bus, iCAN, MOST).

individual software as a service

Custom Software Development Frankfurt comes to you

We will be happy to visit you and find out together with you whether Custom software development Frankfurt makes sense for your purpose. We would also be pleased to see a contact initiated by you via chat, e-mail, Web form, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook. Or just give us a call (Tel.-Nr. for customers from Germany 06102 / 7485-600; for customers from Switzerland: 041 / 5520-189).