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Software development Frankfurt

Our branch in the Frankfurt area was founded in 2011.

Software Development Frankfurt – Industries

The software development Frankfurt develops in particular software for

  • Banks and insurance companies
  • Automotive industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Energy supply and energy switching
  • Travel industry (leisure travel, business travel, corporate travel)

Further information on software development in Frankfurt can also be found here: Software development Service Frankfurt.

If you are interested in new innovative software development topics, – we program also on quantum computer simulators and would like to show you the advantages of quantum computers.

In the following it becomes a little technical. In this section we describe which tools, experience and knowledge we use at our Frankfurt office. Most of our branches are oriented towards specific industries or customers, so there are different focal points at different branches. Of course, we are also networked with all other branch offices in Frankfurt, so that the entire know-how of all branch offices can be accessed at any time.

Software development Frankfurt – application environments

Software development in Frankfurt mainly programs web-based applications. About 20% of our office in Frankfurt also develops classic client/server software, mostly in the Microsoft environment. Approx. 70 to 80% of our expenses fall on backend developments. The rest are frontend developments. Software developments for embedded systems or IoT systems take place at other branches; however, the coordination, project management and requirements management of such projects can be carried out any time in Frankfurt.

Software development Frankfurt – machine learning and artificial intelligence

In the areas of machine learning, reinforcement learning and artificial intelligence, our developers in Frankfurt generally work with TensorFlow or Keras. At other HighPots branches we also have experience and expertise in other ML and AI systems.

Company develops software in Frankfurt

Software Development Frankfurt – Programming Languages

Our software developers in Frankfurt mostly use Java and PHP for programming web-based applications. In some cases we work with C++, especially for high performance requirements.

For classic client/server applications in the Microsoft environment, C# and Visual Basic are used.

Applications in the AI and ML environment are mostly realized in Python or Java.

Frontend applications are realized with TypeScript and JavaScript.

Software Development Frankfurt – Frameworks

Frameworks and libraries can often be blurred. A sharp separation is therefore not always possible.

In the area of Java we like working with Spring MVC, Spring-Boot, Hibernate, Oracle WebLogic and Oracle ADF.

In PHP programming, our software development team in Frankfurt can look back on many years of experience in the PHP frameworks Zend, Laravel and Symfony.

For C++ we like to use Qt as application framework, – often also for graphical user interfaces as well as Boost and Tntnet.

We are happy to implement JavaScript and TypeScript front-end applications with Angular and Angular.js, ReactJS and JQuery.


We are particularly experienced in working with the IDE

  • IntelliJ
  • Visual Studio
  • Eclipse
  • Visual Code


Most of our projects use the following databases or database management systems:

  • NewSQL for online transaction processes and ACID security for access
  • NoSQL (MongoDB, Apache Cassandra, Riak)
  • SQL (MySQL, Postgre SQL/Postgres, Oracle DB, MariaDB, MS SQL, IBM DB2)

Repository and Issue Tracking

The software development Frankfurt works with Git, GitLab, GitHub, Jira and SVN.

individual software as a service

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