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Overview about our Software Development Services

We are dealing with Software development services on a daily basis.

Software development as a service for internal departments as well as for external customers is our daily business. We have been developing software for our customers since the end of the 80s. And not only in the areas of marketing automation and artificial intelligence in marketing.

We develop
In your order we develop software professionally, fast and economically.

  • Deep Learning Software und Software für Maschinelles Lernen
    • TensorFlow
    • Keras
    • System ML
    • Torch/Torchnet
    • Apache Spark
  • web-based software (frontend and backend)
    • Native
    • Content Management Systems
      • WordPress
      • Joomla
      • Typo3
      • Drupal
  • Software for mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, wearables or VR glasses
  • Client server software
  • Software for BS2000 mainframes and IBM zSystems

Individual software developments (individual software) usually map internal business processes better than standard software. An important competitive advantage in the age of digitalization.

In addition, individual business software is not more expensive than purchased standard software in the medium term.
The HighPots Software development services contain both the software front end developments and the development of the back end software.

Even software development related IT infrastructure measures belong to our portfolio. For example, deployment from the software repository directly into a docker environment that can be orchestrated via OpenShift, Apache Mesos or Kubernetes.

Our software development services include the creation of:

  1. Requirement analyses for the software to be created
  2. Softwaredesign
  3. User Experience
  4. split tests, both A/B split tests and multivariable split tests
  5. UML schemes
  6. Functional specifications and specifications for the software
  7. Use Cases and User Stories
  8. feasibility analyses
  9. Expense estimates – how high are the costs of software development services
  10. database modeling
  11. Database design, SQL databases and NoSQL databases
  12. Tests and test automation as well as the development of tests within the software
  13. The deployment of the software on different staging systems or in the Amazon cloud or Microsoft Azure
  14. Code versioning within software repository systems
  15. Feature and bug tracking via Jira, Gitlab or Github

The fields accompanying the software development service such as Requirement-Engineering or technical project management are also part of our portfolio.

Software Development Service – Programming Languages

We have many years of experience and deep know-how in the following programming languages:
– Java
– python
– C++
– C#
– C
– ObjectiveC
– Swift
– Visual Basic
– JavaScript

Software development service – Operating systems

We develop software for the following operating systems:
– Unix
– Linux
– Windows
– android
– apple

Software development service – Frameworks

The following frameworks are used by us:

Frameworks for software development in Java

– Spring MVC
– Spring Boat
– Oracle ADF
– hibernates
– JavaServer Faces
– JHipster

Frameworks for PHP software development

– Laravel
– apigilance
– Zend
– Symfony

Frameworks for software development in C++

– QT
– visual studio

Frameworks for software development in Python

Full-Stack Frameworks

– Django
– Web2py

Non-Full-Stack Frameworks

– CherryPy
– bottle

Frameworks for Software Development in C# and Visual Basic

– visual studio

Frameworks for the software development in JavaScript

– angular
– ReactJS
– Ember.js

Software development service – IDE and editors

We develop your software with the following IDE and editors:
– Eclipse (Java)
– IntelliJ IDEA (Java)
– Netbeans (Java)
– Visual Studio Code (Python, Google GO)
– PHP Storm (PHP)
– phpDesigner (PHP)
– Eclipse (Python, PHP, Java)
– Sublime Text (Python)
– GoLand (Google GO)

Software Development Service – Code Management

We work with the following code versioning systems and repository systems:
– Git
– Jira

Software development on your behalf

If you are interested in our portfolio and need support in software development, we would be very pleased to receive your contact request. Either by phone or via the contact form on our imprint website.
Thank you very much in advance.