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Digitalization through software development for medium-sized companies

Exchange of experience Software development

How long did you think about introducing middle management? Or whether certain services should be relocated to a cheaper foreign country? Are you currently also thinking about the „China“ sales market? How long did it take you to decide for or against setting up an internal 24-hour support customer center? How did the decision to invest in certain sales and marketing channels come about? How do you deal with the new EU-DSGVO? Or with the laws regarding temporary employment? Do project managers always have to have disciplinary and budgetary responsibility? We are sure that there are many other questions that you are constantly thinking about.

But you have obviously gone beyond thinking. You have made decisions and put them into practice. And you did a lot right. Otherwise you would not have arrived today in a solid middle class.

We would very much like to talk to you about your digitisation strategies. Especially about your needs in the fields software development, data analysis and requirement management/requirement analyses. These are precisely the areas in which we offer services. And digitization requires software development and data analysis. Therefore we would like to meet you (and maybe your software developers) for an exchange of experiences. Maybe we at HighPots have already developed something in the past that your company might need now.
Our customers, many of them also medium-sized companies like us, are of the opinion that we do a good job.

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