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Digitalization for small to medium-sized enterprises

From small business to medium-sized

The leap from a small company with 5 to 25 employees to a medium-sized company is a challenge that many companies fail to meet.

The reasons for this often lie in political or market-specific aspects. Taxes, high employee incidental costs, employee-friendly legislation, corporations that reorganize the business world or high administrative fees are just a few examples – especially in Germany.

However, the reasons often lie in the fact that digitization is not taken seriously.

Small companies often already have numerous systems at their disposal. For example, content management systems for websites (e.g. WordPress), a CRM system for customer management (e.g. CAS), a financial program for accounting and financial and payroll accounting, and, in the case of a production facility, machine control systems or programs for work preparation.

The art now lies in connecting exactly these programs with each other. This requires interfaces. Digitalization very often consists of the development of exactly these interfaces. Interfaces and the transparency of information across all interfaces are core elements of digitization. The automated improvement of all parameters, e.g. through machine learning, can only take place later.

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For small businesses: Analysis, defining requirements, developing interfaces and analyzing data for real-time information transfer

Our areas of expertise are Requirement Management, Software Development and Data Analysis. We work without frills. We know how important efficiency and value for money are. And we know also, that a small enterprise or a small medium-size enterprise at the end a practically converted solution would like and no 400 sides long conversion concept.

For this reason, we offer you a complete package consisting of

  • Analysis of the concrete requirements for connecting your systems
  • the development of the interfaces
  • the visualization of all important information in one place (Dashboard)

Our work is fast and of high quality, practical and cost-effective. Convince yourself at our References, – we can also bring you together directly with the contact persons of our customers.

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